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Zebra MC3300x


  ·         Scanning: SE965 1D, SE4720/SE4770 2D, SE4850 ERI

  ·         Power: Li-Ion, 3.6V, 7000mAh PowerPrecision+ battery; full charge under five (5) hours; Backwards compatibility with MC3300 2740mAh (1X) and 5200mAh (2X) batteries

  ·         Expansion Slot: User accessible MicroSD slot with 32GB SDHC and up to 512GB SDXC

  ·         Dimension: (Straight Shooter (00/450) Scan) 202.2 mm L x 74.7mm W x 34.5mm D, (Turret/Rotating Head) 223.4 mm L x 74.7mm W x 34.5mm D, (Gun/Pistol) 202.6 mm L x 74.7mm W x 163.9mm D

  ·         Weight: (00Scan) 445g, (450Scan) 450g, (Turret/Rotating Head) 460g, (Gun/Pistol) 522g

  ·         Warranty: 1 years


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